Today I will show you how to setup stripe for woocommerce from A to Z. Also, I am using WordPress version 4.9 and woocommerce version 3.5.4 in this tutorial.

You also need to install WooCommerce Stripe Gateway plugin before doing following steps.

How to setup stripe in woocommerce

Login to WordPress dashboard, navigate to Woocommerce > Settings, select Payments tab then Click on Manage at Stripe Method.

Stripe gateway in woocommerce.

After clicking on Manage button in the previous step, a new stripe setting window appears. Make sure Enable Stripe is on; You need to input Live Publishable Key and Live Secret Key (How to achieve Live Publishable Key and Secret Key, I will show you at the end of this tutorial).

Stripe parameters in woocommerce. 


How to get Live Publishable Key and Live Secret Key

In this tutorial, I will show you how to achieve Test Publishable Key and Test Secret Key in Stripe. However, it will be the same concept to achieve the Live Keys.

Login to Stripe

Access to API Keys under Developers,  copy Publishable Key and Secret Key and store in secure location for woocommerce setting.

How to get Publishable Key and Secret Key in Stripe.

That is!

After setting these steps above, checkout any product you will see Stripe option at the end of the checkout page.

Stripe option at checkout page.

In this tutorial, I have already shown you how to setup stripe gateway in woocommerce. Moreover, I demonstrated how to achieve Publishable Key and Secret Key. 

If you have any question about setting stripe in woocommerce, please leave comments below.

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