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How do I setup my new email addresses?

During the initial consultation with our representative, you are asked for the email addresses you would like to create: number of emails, names.

Will email's creation be included in the cost?

It depends on the package that you choose. You are also encouraged to use our added features such as adding more emails, integrating webchat… for your website.


What is a website hosting?

A web host is a company that has servers that you’ll use to store and deliver the audio, video, documents, and other files that make up your website and its content.

When do I have to renew website hosting rental?

After a year from initial website launching, you will be supposed to renew for website hosting service provider such as GoDady, StableHost… to remain your website. The rental fee isn’t expensive and you can pay for 6-month, 1 or 2-year package.


What is a domain name?

A domain name (or URL) is a website’s address. For example,

How do I create a domain name for my website?

A domain name fee is not included in your Website Development Solution. We will help you to complete the registration with domain service provider like Godaddy or Namecheap based on your desired domain names.

What if the domain name I want is not available?

If the domain name you wish to register is not available, we will help you find another suitable domain name.

I already have a registered domain name from my existing website. Can I use it for my new website?

Yes. However, since transferring a domain name can sometimes be complex, we will ask you to choose an alternate domain name that we will only use if we are not able to transfer it.

What if I want to have more than one domain name?

You can have more than one domain name. Additional ones can be redirected to your new website. Contact your website consultant as there are fees for additional domain names.

If I transfer my domain name, how will my emails be affected?

Your email addresses remain the same; however, their repository will change. It is important that you back up existing emails prior to the official domain name transfer. Once your domain has been transferred you will lose all your old emails and need to reconfigure email clients like Outlook, etc. (we can assist you with that).

I would like to transer my domain name to you, but I don't know who my provider is. How can I find that information?

You can find your domain name provider by doing a search on the Web. Go to  and enter your domain name in the box. This will bring up the registrar’s name and your domain name status.

Domain name transfers seem super complicated. Can you help me?

Gladly! With your explicit permission and the right information, in most cases we can accomplish a good portion of the transfer steps for you. Our team will explain what is required from you at the time of your interview or review.


Will I need to be involved while my website is being created?

Yes. Since you know your business best, your input is necessary and extremely valuable, in particular at the interview phase and during the review process. It is important to note that your website only starts being built after your interview.
We will ask you questions to help our copywriters better understand your business as well as a few questions related to the look and feel of your website to help direct our website designers: design, colours, etc. Please begin to start thinking about providing your logo, photos, or any videos and texts describing your business (brochures, etc.); you will be sent a link where you can upload your content.
Once your website is ready, it is time for you to review it! You will be sent a link via email; it shouldn’t take you more than a few moments to review your site. If you are unavailable to review your site, your site may be pushed live by the go live date in your contract. But don’t worry, you can still make changes after your site goes live.

How is content created for my website?

Our copywriters will create all the texts, SEO and calls to action for your site, based on the content you have provided. The more content you can provide the better the results will be.
If you don´t have images or pictures, we will include stock photos on your website.
Please keep in mind that you must have the online rights for images or pictures you provide to us.

What happens if I want more pages added to my website?

If you have not yet used the maximum number of pages included in your current website solution, you may contact our website team at any time to make the change at the first month when your website is launched. To reach the website team, please contact directly by phone 647-381-4582 (8am-5pm) or by email at
If your current website solution has already reached its maximum content, please contact us to consider other website options that may better suit your needs.

What if I am not able to provide my input or feedback during the period you request it in?

We understand that you run a business and may not always be available. We will try 3 times to contact you, leaving a message if you are not available. You can also reach us directly by phone at 647-381-4582 (8am-5pm) or by email at at a time that is convenient for you. Remember, your participation is vital to the building of your new website.
Please note: If we have completed an initial consultation with you we will publish your website with the content available at the publish date in your contract. You can call us at any time to make changes or additions by phone at 647-381-4582 (8am-5pm) or by email at


How do I know if I have the right to use third-party logos or photos on my website?

Here are some simple rules to follow:
For photos:
Make sure people who are visible in the picture have given you their explicit consent to appear on your website. If you are using pictures from a professional photographer or photo shoot, ensure that you have the online rights to the photographs. The same goes for any images you have purchased online. It is important to understand the rights of use you have purchased may change depending on the context in which you use it. If you managed to receive the picture for free, you must ensure that the photos are free to use.
For logos:
If you wish to show the logos of your business associates on your website, verify the terms listed in the contract you have with these companies. The contract should specify whether you have the right to use their trademark. If you do not have a contract, you probably do not have the right to use their logo. Regardless, make sure you contact the company before using their trademark on your website.


What does my website solution include?

A fully functioning SEO-friendly website ready for you to start promoting! We take all the headaches out of domain registration, hosting, copywriting (for the web) and web design so you can focus on doing what you do best! You also get technical support and creative services hours you can use to update your site.

What is the process?

Warm Transfer, Interview, Review and Publish:
Warm Transfer: where you choose a domain name (, email addresses, review your basic information and book an interview (you can do your interview right away if you choose).
Interview: we gather as much information as we can to create a unique experience for your customers. The more information and images you can provide, the quicker you get your new site!
Publish: your site is now live! Time to promote it!

Techfivestars website Solutions are 'SEO-friendly'. What does it mean?

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing have established general principles and guidelines that help them recognize the information on your site. We follow these guidelines to help optimize your website by making it easy for the search engines to crawl your content and for potential clients to find you in their searched results.
For more opportunities to enhance your website’s search engine optimization, we also offer additional Search Engine Solutions. Please contact us for more information on a solution that is right for you.


How much time will my website changes take?

All change requests are different. Time will vary depending on the complexity of the change.


What should I do if there is a technical issue with my website or emails?

If you experience a technical issue, please call our support team at 647-381-4582 (8am-5pm) or by email at

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