C Quiz

C Quiz

Time: 60 minutes Question .No: 30 Allowed: pencil + a piece of paper. 1. Given variable declaration below: int x,y;  int *a, *b; Which is wrong statement? a.  a=&x; b.  b=&y; c.  b=&a; d.  *b=*a; 2. Given a short code: int i=1,j=2;  for(;i<5;i++) ...
PHP Quiz

PHP Quiz

Time: 20 minutes Question .No: 18 Allowed: pencil + a piece of paper 1. What will the following PHP script display? <?php  function get_sum(){ global $var; $var = 5;  }  $var = 10;  get_sum();  echo $var;  ?> A. 15 B. NULL C. 5 D. 10  The same question if...
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